Introducing Arken – swim trunks that take water safety to the next level!

There are many water safety devices around, yet still, none that could challenge the classic bulky life jacket that’s been around for centuries – until now!

Most devices are bulky, uncomfortable to wear and do not provide enough freedom of movement. A group of swimming enthusiasts has spent the last 3 years challenging this status quo and came up with a very simple idea: Arken, swim trunks with a built-in water safety device.

It looks and feels like a normal pair of swim trunks – so it doesn’t interfere with your routine on board or on the shore.


Should you get into an unexpected situation in water, all you need to do is pull a cord and a life belt inflates from the swim trunks that keeps you above water until help arrives or you manage to find a solution yourself. Sounds easy, right? Actually, it really is, as the creators of this device invested thousands of hours in drawing, designing and creating various prototypes to bring this product idea to life. Please watch how it works:

Finally, the well-working prototype is ready, and the creators of Arken are launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring this idea and prototype into production. Please help the campaign and be the first to know about how the team progresses by joining the mailing list at

Please visit the website, join the waiting list and get notified when the crowdfunding campaign starts.





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