Birthday – 1 Year in Ideas Blog

ideias em blog digital

It seems like yesterday! Inexperienced in the business, doubtful as to the attitude and anxious about the impact and future. However, a year ago, I put in the air my ideas blog called Ideas Blog . And on this occasion, I want to share some of my joy with all my followers friends and other readers of my articles.




The blog Reason

Often in the past I was encouraged by friends who know me well, to create a blog and expose my ideas, criticism, polemics and several tips. Moreover, the fact that I really like to read and write. I have always been reluctant to incentives friends, but when I saw a friend win a brand new car at the expense of your blog, I thought: this business should be something extraordinary! Of course she had a few years of blogging, many followers, many views, and large investments of time, dedication, caprice in the affairs and finance in order to express their blog. I thought better and decided to try this business.





The blog Goal

When I chose something else to work for categories, came to my mind a topic related to ideas that are synonymous concept, belief, inspiration, will, thought, among others. I did not want to work only with a particular niche , but with several subjects. Therefore, the blog aims to bring information on various subjects as well as being a mechanism to make friends and maybe bring some future return material and financial level.

I have a Facebook page which I invite you to know and Share.

I would also appreciate your friend request on Facebook , if of interest.



Blog Logo - Copy (3) - Copy


To create the logo of my blog, I used a combination of images taken from the Internet and adding the name of the blog in this combination. Still I consider myself inexperienced blogger in this business, but I hope to use resourcefulness to the extent that the time for providing me the necessary experience.




Quick Precedent my Blog

At the time of matter, the blog was in a total of:

  • 177 followers and 3 more followers by email.
  • 146 posts.
  • 6,762 visitors.
  • 1,894 tanned.

And yet the blog was seen in 72 countries to highlight the top five with the most views:

  • Brazil in 9398
  • United States with 1,516
  • Portugal with 454
  • India 170
  • Mozambique with 162


My first post was published: Bottling Ideas

My first follower was Larii Duarte blog makeups For Divas

My first viewing and tanned came from my friend Pitaquinha blog Pitacos And Found

The first comment came from friend Adriana Tolentino Marques Blog A Personal Experience




I want to thank all my followers friends and other readers who are responsible for my patience here. Without the participation of each of you it is very difficult to get encouragement and strength to continue on this path that still requires a lot of will power and a lot of determination. Thank you all!


special thanks

External my special thanks to:

Deborah Hellen Blog Different Tones that has helped me in spreading my blog. Too bad my friend now is missing.

Lady Madelaine ‘s blog New Style Blogging also has helped in the dissemination of my blog.

Thais Felicia  blog Felicisses with a partnership that has helped me a lot in my blog disclosure.

Eléusia Sydney , the beautiful young blog Mozambique First Time , responsible for most views of my blog. It was the only follower who considered all   my posts without exception, even made me be commended for the WordPress platform for a large number of views in a single day.


So today I did not win anything material or financial blogger in my life, but I confess that I gained many friends, and this, no money buy. I reiterate my thanks to all followers and friends, and I dedicate this post to each one individually, along with a big hug!






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